Communications Committee

  • Write PM-related local and national industry news, that PM's can use, from banking, healthcare, technology, construction, mfg, etc. will include PMI CVC Blog support
  • Lead / coordinate efforts between the communications committees to publish content at the right time, in the right venue
  • Develop press releases and place advertisement in local newspapers, radio, television, and other media of chapter meetings, events, workshops, seminars, and vendor show.
  • Submit information on chapter activities and general membership meetings for publication in "Partner" society's newsletters, Webpage, etc.
  • Provide marketing support to other chapter officers as needed to advertise and promote chapter activities
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Education Committee

Help with planning of various education events (for one or more types of events):

  • Chapter dinner meetings
  • Networking events
  • Practice Group events
  • Certification workshops
  • Symposium (or Professional Development Day) event

Attend education events in support of logistics, technology, or speaker coordination/introduction

Support pre-meeting / after-meeting activities (e.g., post-meeting survey, pre-meeting PDU sheet)

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Membership Committee

  • Welcome new members (send letters, provide gifts, invite them to the chapter meetings and other events)
  • Hold Orientations for new members
  • Run "New Member Welcome Pass" Program
  • Follow-up with members that do not renew membership to determine reason for non-renewal
  • Manage information display at chapter events; keep the information current and relevant
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Volunteerism Committee

  • Encourage and recruit members for volunteer positions to support the chapter activities and actions
  • Maintain file of current volunteers and file of open volunteer positions
  • Maintain a volunteerism plan for recruitment / fulfillment of volunteer needs
  • Plan and execute the annual volunteer recognition event
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Technology Committee

  • Lead and/or support the production of live webinars for the chapter, including broadcasting webinars, finding locations
  • Lead and/or support the development of podcasts and a blog for the chapter to target audiences that do not attend our events
  • Support / manage the updates to the new website
  • Support team members to publish content, manage and archive current and older documents
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