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Ways of Working


"Analyzing Project Political Landscape: Swimming with Sharks without Being Eaten Alive"
- Vijay Verma

"Steer the Wheel of Change: Adaptive Leadership for Project Managers"
- Christine Aykac

Adaptive leadership is a crucial aspect of effective project management. It involves the ability to anticipate potential challenges, respond quickly to unexpected developments, and navigate through uncertainty with ease. It requires a proactive approach to problem-solving and the ability to embrace change rather than resist it.
The Adaptive Leadership session is inspired by the Future of the Work 2023 report from the World Economic Forum. This transformative session aims to equip you with the knowledge to develop an adaptive mindset and attitude. The session will discuss Adaptive Leadership from three perspectives: Leader (Me), Team (We), and Organization (Us). This approach provides holistic insight into the Adaptive Leadership Framework, enabling leaders at all levels to create an agile environment for themselves, their team members, and their organizations.

Analyzing Project Political Landscape: Swimming with Sharks without Being Eaten Alive.
Vijay Verma
Navigating the politics within our organizations is both an art and a science. As the title of this session suggests, many of the players in this scene are sharks. We need to navigate around them and sometimes through them ensuring that we come out on the other end alive.
This session will offer steps that we can use to be the analytical resource, before we go into battle and then that strategic resource why we are there.

Christine Aykac
Learning Strategist / Coach / Trainer
Christine Aykac is a dynamic, engaging problem solver and change agent who brings realism, openness, and enthusiasm to practitioners globally. She has over 25 years of experience managing programs and providing assistance in utilizing technologies and knowledge assets. Christine’s experience enables her to utilize the best suitable methodology to ensure the teams’ success. Her objective is to spark positive change in the business world through thought-provoking dialog and interaction through her training materials, books, blogs, speaking and consulting engagements.

Vijay Verma
Professional Trainer & Coach in Leadership and Project Management
Vijay K. Verma, PMI Fellow, PMP, MBA, P.Eng, is an internationally known speaker, trainer and author with more than 40 years of experience in the area of Project Management. He has written the three-volume series originally published by PMI, which includes Organizing Projects for Success, Human Resource Skills for the Project Manager, and Managing the Project Team. After three successful books published by PMI, Mr. Verma wrote his 4th book “The Art of Positive Politics: A Key to Delivering Successful Projects” published in June 2018 by Multi-Media Publications Inc. He is working on his 5th book on “Leading with Purpose: Positive Power and Inspirational Influence” to be published in 2021. Mr. Verma received 2009 PMI Fellow Award, 1999 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award, and the 1999 PMI Distinguished Contribution Award for significant contributions to the project management profession. Mr. Verma has presented several workshops on project management in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, South Africa, China, and India with participants from a wide range of industries. His presentations have been attended by over 4000 professionals working in the area of Project Management and have helped enhance their skills and confidence in leadership, communication, influencing, managing politics, negotiating, managing conflicts, motivating stakeholders, , and creating high-performance teams in a cross-cultural, multi-generational, and virtual environments. Mr. Verma is currently an Emeritus and has worked for forty years in the area of Project Management at TRIUMF (TRI University Meson Facility), a federally funded Canada’s Particle Accelerator Center and Canadian National Research Laboratory at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Here he has provided project management services for projects varying in size, complexity, and diversity.

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