Live Virtual Event: Learn to Confidently Operate as Your Authentic Self

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Seminar Description: 

Each of us is unique -- a specific mix of talents that make up who we are.  We should take pride in the talents we have, but we too often don't.  The problem is that we live in a deficit-minded society where we are constantly told to focus on being "like John", or "doing it just like Mary".  We are led to believe we need to fix what's "wrong" with us (our weaknesses). This leads to  living behind a facade so no one will judge us or see us as inadequate. Far too many are afraid to be themselves.  When we choose fitting in over belonging to ourselves, it is painful. Success is rarely the outcome.  When we learn to confidently operate within our authentic self, things begin to change. When we come to grips with the fact that everyone is different -- with different views and approaches-- and each has it's place, we can begin the process of being ourselves.  Only then can we honor ourselves as unique and able to contribute what no one else can contribute as we can.


Speaker's Bio:

Jana Cardona has an extensive background in the areas of leadership development, team and relationship dynamics, networking, and doing business by referral.
For 22 years, she was a franchise owner with BNI (Business Network International).  She sold her franchises in Jan 2021 to create her new company, Designed-4-Success. She is driven by her passion of helping people realize their unique worth and achieving their full potential. She works with companies, organizations, and individuals to understand their unique giftedness and also what frustrates and trips them up. They then learn to channel that increased self-awareness toward increasing productivity and decreasing misunderstandings and team conflicts. As well as being a certified Gallup Strengths coach, she is certified in 6 Types of Working Genius, Positive Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and DISC. She is married and has 8 grandchildren.  She loves spending time with family and being in nature.

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Date: September 20th, 2023

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