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Power Skills


Speaker: Jason Scott 

J. Scott is a leader who jumps in to take care of people and get sh*t done, #GSD. From the start of his career jumping out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer in the United States Navy, to now over two decades as the CEO of 120VC leading global transformational efforts for DirecTV, Trader Joe’s, Blizzard Entertainment, RIOT Games, Sony Pictures, ResMed, AAG, Universal Music Group, Remitly, and others.

After two decades of helping deliver transformation initiatives for Fortune 1000 brands, Jason launched the 120 Brand Community, applying the transformative power of #GSD to reimagine servant leadership, enable teams to deliver products, build brands that matter, and transform how people balance work and play as digital nomads.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, J. Scott is a devoted husband and father and author of two Amazon-bestselling books “It’s Never Just Business: It’s About People” and “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management, An Agile Approach to Enterprise Project Management.” To mentor and train a new generation of leaders, Jason founded the Transformational Leadership Academy with keynote talks, workshops and a 14-week certification program.

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Presentation Description: 

In the ancient days of quality control, when we needed humans to "DO" rather than "THINK" to get a product to market, governance might have been the perfect solution. But today, innovation requires people to use their collective brainpower to solve problems and ensure companies stay relevant... Governance is the enemy.

Eliminating governance means that PMO’s need a new playbook. And, just renaming them AMO (Agile Management Office) isn’t going to do it. Executives are realizing they don’t need governance, but they do need Program and Portfolio Leaders that can effectively rob from the rich and give to the poor projects so that all of their business-critical initiatives make it to market within the financial constraints.

Executives are also starting to realize that Agile isn’t the only change discipline they need to drive all of their initiatives to market efficiently!! That would be like deciding that a company could eliminate Operations, Engineering, HR, and Marketing in favor of Sales, just because someone like Tony Robins makes fantastic cool-aid!

Logically companies require multiple disciplines to succeed, so it’s not irrational that they might need to employ several different change disciplines or “crafts” to drive their initiatives to market.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Transformation Accelerator and the use case for all 7 Change disciplines.
  • Achieve a basic understanding of an aGILE Portfolio Management Model proven to work across the fortune 1000.
  • Learn why everything you thought you knew about Critical Path is wrong.
  • Eliminate Risk by ACTUALLY managing to the Critical Path.
  • Master the Concept of Project Team Demand Management – The Missing Half of Project Success, and …
  • Learn a simple and proven approach for prioritization that works at the Portfolio, Program, Team, and Personal levels.


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Date: September 1st, 2022

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