Thank you for your interest in PMI CVC and advertising to our members. We have both annual sponsorship packages and individual sponsorship opportunities.

Annual Sponsorship Packages:

(tailored packages are available, contact our Director of Sponsorships for more information)

Package Feature  Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Price $9,500 / Two years $5,000 / One year $3,000 / One year $1,500 / One year
Dinner-meeting exclusive sponsorship (prior confirmation of attendance is required at least two weeks prior to meetings w/priority given to sponsor package) 1-per year 1-per year 1-per year 1-per year
Up to five-minute presentation (Two week prior notification is required to accommodate speakers) All 10 dinner Meetings 1 dinner-meeting  n/a  n/a
Meeting reminders & Newsletters (these will be forwarded to sponsor's email) 2-years(Up to 15 sponsor emails) 1-year (Up to 10 sponsor emails)
1-year (Up to 5 sponsor emails) 1-year (two sponsor emails)
Your information at a marketing table at each dinner-meeting 2-years 1-year 1-year 1-year
Your logo included on the Dinner-meeting slide 2-years 1-year 1-year 1-year
Your logo included in the newsletter  2-years 1-year  1-year  n/a 
Monthly dinner-meeting passes (does not include special events throughout the year) 30 / year &5 - January Volunteer Recognition Dinner($1,275 Value) 20 ($700 Value) 15 ($525 Value) 10 ($350 Value)
PMI CVC Membership  15 ($450 Value) 10 ($150 Value)  3 ($90 Value) 1 ($30 Value) 


Dinner meetings are monthly, except August and December. Dinner Meeting tickets can only be used for our monthly dinner meetings in the sponsorship year.  (note: events outside of the monthly dinner meetings are excluded including the January Volunteer Recognition Dinner)Please send your sponsorship questions to Director of Sponsorships

Individual Sponsorship Opportunities

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