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Mark Schulman

Mark Schulman has performed in front of sold-out audiences all over the world as the drummer for international rock star P!NK.  Get ready to be empowered, inspired and elevated to an evolved mindset and new level of peak performance. Having performed for over a billion people, Mark unlocks the Rockstar Attitude by incorporating his powerful business philosophy and innovative strategic content with engaging multimedia and live drum performances.

Through Mark’s high-energy speaking style, strategic business expertise, and dynamic, interactive musical activities, you will get to express your own rhythms, fortify individual strengths, and enhance emotional connections with your colleagues and families.

Mark’s presentations have the excitement of a rock show with the transformational results of a cutting-edge keynote. Think Tony Robbins meets Bono meets Ringo Starr. In this rock show disguised as a keynote, you will break the boundaries of possibility and performance while rocking out to an unforgettable mix of live drumming, interactive performances, and compelling stories from Mark’s intimate experiences with P!NK, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Cher, and other world-class artists.


Teddy Burriss

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn Trainer & Coach. In 2010 Teddy started the business of delivering all manners of training and coaching focused on guiding business professionals on the best practices and tactics of using LinkedIn as a business tool. 

Teddy is a practiced Toastmaster, trained as a Sandler Sales Professional, Certified Career Transition Coach, DDI Certified Leadership Facilitator, Certified Social Media Strategist and uses all of these developed skills in his business.

Teddy additionally loves to blend his experiences in Organizational Development, Outplacement Coaching, Human Resources, Leadership Development, Business Management, and Life into the work he does with his clients and students.


Jacy Imilkowski

Jacy is based in Madison, WI, USA and speaks internationally at conferences, corporate retreats, and workshops. Curiosity is one of my biggest drivers, combined with a true passion for increasing resilience, communication, and effectiveness for teams and individuals. She has a diverse background, including:

  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Customer Service
  • Change Management
  • Insurance
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Massage and bodywork
  • Restaurant and retail management

Prior to starting her business, Jacy spent 10 years as a professional trainer and IT project manager on a Fortune 50 Healthcare account. She worked with a wide variety of companies and industries, and a tenure in healthcare created a deep understanding of the culture, protocols, and challenges faced by health practitioners and organizations in particular.


Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson was born and raised in Appleton, WI. She received her degrees in both Finance and Bible from the University of Northwestern in MN. After marrying the love of her life, Erik, they moved to the Milwaukee area and have called this home for over 15 years. During that time, they have been blessed with two incredible kids, Kadence (8) and Kemuel (6). Michelle’s background is in Marketing for Senior Apartments and volunteer ministry, but recently she has felt a calling to share her story and what she has learned through some specific adventures in her life as a way to empower others to see their own potential as well.


Michael Rust, J.D.

As the President-Elect of the international Association for Conflict Resolution, an attorney, and a professional speaker; Michael has worked with people around the world on the topics of negotiation and team conflict resolution.


John Nepper

John Nepper is a motivational speaker, professional educator, and storyteller and musician. He is the creator of popular programs like “Creating Peak Experiences and Beyond™,” “The Art of Engaged Conversation”™, and “Good Enough vs Never Good Enough”™. John is the go-to person when you want to charge up and electrify your life, and turn your maximum potential into maximum reality.

John integrates his experience as an educator, insight, and excitement with the concepts of building positive self-esteem, motivation, developing a positive attitude and setting goals for success in Life. John has used the strategies of the CLIMB System for Joyful Living™ to support, encourage, and guide audience members to face and overcome the fears and challenges that keep them from living full out and living out loud in their lives.

The person who is filled with passion, joy, celebration, happiness, and love is someone that John believes has connected in a deep way to his or her own Ultimate Self, the self that is content with who they are at any given moment. John’s passion is to help people find the clarity they need to get to the next level in their own personal transformation as they pursue their greatest passions, their biggest dreams, and their true and authentic purpose in life.


Michael Milutis

Michael Milutis is an INFP and IT generalist committed to human capital development and continuous learning within a shifting technology landscape.

He works with technology organizations from around the world to develop innovative learning cultures and he coaches individuals and teams so that they can develop continuously, grow personally, and realize their highest potential.

Since 1997, Michael has worked in marketing, new business development, and L&D for Computer Aid, Inc (CAI), an international IT services and support firm.   He is also the creator and director of CAI’s "Great IT Professional", an organization devoted to continuous learning and career development within the global IT community.

Michael speaks around the world and his keynote presentations focus on digital transformation, adapting to change, continuous learning, workforce engagement, corporate mindfulness, and human self-actualization.


Jim Blizzard

Jim Blizzard is Senior Vice President at Impact Makers, a Management and Technology consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia. Jim is a goal-oriented IT Leader with more than 25 years of demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing forward-looking information solutions to address business opportunities.

Jim has extensive experience in IT management with the ability to define design and develop solutions that achieve strategic business objectives. He leverages his business operations background to deliver bottom- line results through effective design, development and execution of high quality, cost-effective solutions.

He has demonstrated expertise in IT and business strategy, Enterprise Architecture, IT governance, product and software development, project management, IT outsourcing, business process management and re-engineering, application life-cycle management and software development lifecycle management.


Emil Phillips

Emil Phillips joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond as Program Director for Information Management in 2014. Emil’s team is responsible for engineering and supporting data and analytical solutions for customers within the Federal Reserve System and related agencies. Emil also co-chairs Federal Reserve System’s Information Management advisory council and consults on data strategies and organizational development.

Prior to joining the Federal Reserve, Emil served as a leader in Data Science, Data Engineering, and IT Portfolio Management roles at Capital One and Capital One Bank Europe and holds three data and digital-business related patents. Emil holds a degree in Biology from the College of William and Mary