02-21-2018 5:00 pm -8:00 pm
Keegan's Irish Pub
Keegan's Irish Pub
2251 Old Brick Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23060, USA

M  E  E  T  I  N  G    L  O  C  A  T  I  O  N    C  H  A  N  G  E 

Keegan' s Restaurant & Tavern in West Broad Village


“Watering Rocks: How to Fail and Succeed as a Leader”

(1.5 Leadership PDUs)

Watering RocksBased on the book of the same title released in 2016, this presentation covers a wide and interesting variety of topics that leaders and project managers face daily. The issues of trust, delegation, accountability, communication, dealing with difficult people, and many, many more are explained and detailed in a fast-paced, humorous, and personal way that will remind participants of what they already knew but may have forgotten-while offering new insights to many others with less experience as project managers and leaders.

$20.00 80