My Dear Fellow PMI Central Virginia Chapter Members:

It is incredible to know that we are almost halfway through this Year 2019, with a lot of exciting events still ahead at your PMI Central Virginia Chapter.  As we continue in our 23st year of success, I would like to quickly highlight some of our chapter’s activities, accomplishments and upcoming events.

But...before I dive into it, let me share an important thought. The single best way to improve skills in any project endeavor is to get feedback.   The more feedback you get on a project, the easier it is to improve.  We recently received results of the 2018 PMI Chapter survey, and are digging into the feedback from the 99 members that responded. 

We got some good news, and also some areas that we can improve.   First the good news…. The survey indicated in the Top 2 aggregate of our respondents, 74% would be Likely to Renew Chapter Membership, and that 70% would be Likely to Recommend our Chapter..

We also heard that only 50% find the Overall Value of Chapter Membership either Excellent or Very Good.  So, please let us hear your feedback on what you want to see with our chapter doing through both the surveys and emails AND face-to-face in chapter meetings and other social events.

The survey also indicated that 48% are Less Engaged that They Would Like to Be, and 46% Need Clear Details about Volunteer Opportunities.    To that end, our chapter will bring specific volunteer opportunities to each dinner meeting for you to review to evaluate if they fit your needs and will ‘beef up’ our volunteer pages on the website so that you can see available opportunities and also celebrate our exceptional volunteers. 

Now let’s get rolling!  We have an exceptional lineup of events starting this summer that you need to be aware of.   We are hosting our first Innovation Practice Group event on June 26 that is FREE for members, and have our first Fredericksburg meeting in August.

And, we are SUPER excited about our Professional Development Day on September 12 at the Cultural Arts Center in Richmond.  We literally have a ‘rock star’ as our opening keynote!  Our early bird registration is still open until July 1st – so take advantage of the discounted price!! Check our website and emails for more info on this and our monthly chapter meetings.

As always, we cannot make these chapter plans happen without the valuable help of volunteers. Network with us on these events in contributing to make Project Management a top priority! We can build on our success in furthering your professional growth while strengthening the chapter.

Thank you to all our chapter members in extending your cooperation to continue our journey. Looking forward to great camaraderie with all our members in the upcoming events!