15 November 2019

IT Project Management for project managers
  • Are Your Transformation Efforts Leading the Organization to Fatigue?
    The transformation journey is a hard one. It impacts not just your processes, but also resources and people across the organization. This article covers some of the key reasons that lead organizations to fatigue.
  • The Importance of a Healthy Community Within Your Project Organization
    Projects come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are the same. This holds for project managers as well in that each of us brings a unique set of skills and qualities to the table.
  • When Will We Start Talking to the Right PMO People?
    The vast majority of articles you can find that talk about helping PMOs succeed are not addressing the right audience. If you want your PMO to excel, you have to get people involved who are enablers of that success. And that's not just the PMO head!
  • Conducting a PMO Health Check (Part 3)
    To further assist in the health check process, this series continues with an examination of the rationale as to why each statement within each dimension is deemed to represent a healthy practice. In this installment, we look at the statements in Section 2 of the PMO Health Check Worksheet: Project Planning.
  • Flex for Success: Case Study on Maintenance, Repair and Operations
    MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) services today have greater challenges to deal with to meet the present demand-supply requirements of an increasing number of aircraft flying. This case study identifies opportunities that can be realized by slightly steering strategies and realigning priorities with respect to resource planning and buffer management.
  • How PMOs Can Help the Next Generation of Project Professionals Thrive With Onboarding
    If there is no onboarding process to support new hires, they will have a negative experience at work-and the organization will suffer lost productivity.
  • Lessons Learned: They Really Aren't a Bad Thing!
    You don't have to be a seasoned project manager to have a negative view of the lessons-learned process. But is it really such a waste of time? New PMs especially should carry out lessons learned as often as they can. Here are some ways to do that...
  • Conducting a PMO Health Check (Part 1)
    PMOs are tasked with managing the project assets of the organization throughout the project lifecycle. Thus, it stands to reason that the health-check process should evaluate the PMO in terms of how well it functions in context to that lifecycle.
  • Conducting a PMO Health Check (Part 2)
    To further assist in the health check process, this series continues with an examination of the rationale as to why each statement within each dimension is deemed to represent a healthy practice. Up first, we look at the statements in Section 1 of the PMO Health Check Worksheet: Project Portfolio Management.
  • PMOs: First, Do No Harm
    PMOs can create tensions with project managers and teams, and those tensions can have undesired consequences. While PMOs do a lot of good things for organizations, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all.
  • The Scribe Approach
    As project manager for a newly rebooted team, this author supported its natural drive for a culture emphasizing work order data integrity. A key ingredient for the project's success was approaching the transformation project through the role of a "scribe."
  • Transformation vs. Continuous Improvement
    In the current digital era, organizations must keep with the pace of market and competitor dynamics. During these change initiatives, they need to clearly understand what factors and elements constitute as transformational-and what existing elements need continuous improvement.
  • Create Content, Share Content, Leverage Content
    Social media is a powerful tool to help improve the quality of project management in our organizations, but how many of us take full advantage of the opportunity?
  • How to Connect with Project Stakeholders Through Social Media
    With social media, you have less control than with traditional "broadcast" style media tools. That's the downside. The upside: more conversation! That means greater opportunities to engage your stakeholders in a meaningful way.
  • When Your Social Media Presence Becomes a Project
    If you are looking to use social media platforms as a way to sell your organization and its products and services, you will need to consider which ones would be good matches for your industry-and the best ones to use to pass your messages around.

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