23 May 2019

IT Project Management for project managers
  • 7 Essential Business Analyst Skills
    If you are contemplating becoming a professional analyst and want to stand out and enhance the productivity of your business, this list shares important corporate analyst strengths (ones that apply to project managers as well!).
  • Dancing to a Different Design
    The integrative approach to resolving irreconcilable elements and solving functional design problems is what connects the legacy of the Bauhaus school of design to the contemporary practice of design thinking. But what is it? And how can it help with managing innovation projects?
  • How to Understand Your Team
    New project managers won't have as much familiarity with their team members. How do they overcome that and set themselves up for success?
  • Where's QA in Agile Development?
    While most of the traditional QA and release management challenges are now solvable, some interesting philosophical questions/misconceptions remain for project managers and sponsors. Let's examine a few of the common ones.
  • How to Plot the Next Step in Your Career
    Do you know how to plot the next step in your career-and what will be best for your long-term worth? In this article, the author takes you through a few steps to ensure your profitability and worth in an ever-increasing competitive landscape.
  • The People Side of Quality
    Quality management is generally thought of as an objective, measurement-based discipline-but it shouldn't only be that. Don't just rely on signed-off designs and positive test results when measuring quality. You have to include the people side of things, too.
  • 12 Tips for Managing a Successful Project
    There is no single way to manage all projects. We need to adapt, observe, experiment with new techniques, and above all be patient and excel in communication skills in order to get things done. Here are 12 tips to help you improve your craft.
  • 5 Ways to Improve Quality in 30 Days
    Many projects deliver on time but fail to meet the budget-and poor quality is one significant contributor to these woes. Instead of waiting for an external review or PMO tips, seize the initiative yourself to improve quality.
  • Managing a Healthcare Project in the Era of Cloud Computing
    Cloud computing has revolutionized the way business is done, offering increased efficiency and new models for work in many industries, including healthcare. Learn the basics of cloud computing, with options for service and deployment, to enable you to customize your own model to serve the unique requirements of your work environment.
  • Supercharging the PMI Talent Triangle®: An Introduction to 'Architectural Awareness'
    We need to recognize that the role of the project manager has been and is still under a great deal of scrutiny. Some of the critiques against us have elements of truth in them. How do we realize the vision of "staying relevant and competitive" as given to us through the PMI Talent Triangle®?
  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Successful Project Delivery
    In the context of project management, how can emotional intelligence be structured based on our fundamental pillars? And how can we integrate the concepts in the existing framework that we have?
  • Topic Teasers Vol. 120: Should We Video Conference?
    Question: Coming from a medium-sized business that is expanding, I have been tasked to head up a project to evaluate setting up a video conferencing system for use with our customers, and also to do internal training (especially with our remote offices). My background is not in this area, and I just need a little nudge to help me see what types of things I should consider before I create my scope statement, my budget and my schedule. Any ideas?
  • Why 'Percent Complete' Is Never a Measure of Progress
    Project managers live and die by the performance of projects against their schedule, yet many of them don't know how to measure that performance. To truly understand what's going on with their projects, it's important for new PMs to avoid falling into the "percent complete" trap in the first place.
  • The Importance of Having (at Least a Little) Technical Knowledge
    Does coming from a technical background-or making the effort to learn technical concepts-help you while managing and delivering projects? (Spoiler alert: Yes! Find out why...)
  • Blended Learning for Maximum Impact
    How often do people go off for a few a days to a training event and then return to work, struggle to apply what they have learned, eventually forgetting it in a matter of months? The author explains why his experience supports a blended-learning approach mixing standard training, custom training, e-learning, coaching, and communities of practice to produce the best results.

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