IT Project Management for project managers
  • Leading vs. Managing
    Are you a project leader or a project manager? What is the difference, and which role truly makes projects succeed? There is a need for both, but there can be tension and stress when managers and leaders do not agree-and employees often respond differently to different styles of both.
  • Connecting Project Management and Servant Leadership
    Is there a connection between the characteristics of servant leadership and of a successful project manager? Are project managers more likely to tend toward servant leadership styles? Is a purpose-driven leader or a people-driven leader part of the key to successful project management?
  • From Lessons Learned to Standard Operating Procedure
    There are a few key reasons that lessons learned exercises fail over and over again. A significant part of the solution comes down to constantly creating-and revising-standard operating procedures.
  • Personal Lessons Learned
    As project managers, our role is all about relationships with people. But some of our greatest growth comes when we look inside ourselves.
  • The Lean Project Manager
    Can we apply lean principles to project management itself? Here the author proposes tips and tricks to introduce lean into our practice, avoiding common waste pitfalls and presenting experiments made in the field to improve the personal productivity of the project manager.
  • Topic Teasers Vol. 97: Missing Important Questions?
    Question: I'm so frustrated! On almost every project, no matter how carefully we prepare, there inevitably arises an issue that we didn't think about in the beginning. Despite all our planning meetings, people were either afraid to speak up or were not engaged enough to bother. How can I improve my chances of covering all the crucial questions from the beginning?
  • The Politics of Integration (Part 3): Exceptional Execution
    In Part 3 of our look at political challenges for portfolio-focused PMOs, we explore project delivery work and some of the political challenges involved.
  • Observations from Orlando: PMOs are Embracing Change
    The Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit is generally regarded as one of the premier events for project management professionals. This year, many of the event's attendees were actively taking steps toward embracing the changes that Gartner continues to warn us will one day rock our worlds. One attendee explores his experience.
  • The Core Message to PMOs: Innovate or Disintegrate
    Nearly 1,500 IT program and portfolio managers, along with CIOs and other senior managers, flocked to Orlando for the Gartner Program & Portfolio Management Summit to gain insight into how to reinvent program and portfolio management in order to succeed in the fast-paced, largely uncharted digital age. In this article, an attendee and speaker gives his take on some key themes.
  • 3 People Management Problems Solved Through Continuous Personal Development
    Learning how to better manage talent is more than researching great practices-you must be able to avoid problems keeping you from using them. The problems can be your preferences or the workplace culture, among other factors. Your development will go faster if you deal with these problems early.
  • Adopting Agile? Don't Say It's Common Sense
    If agile is indeed common sense, why has much of the world of work-at least the work of software development-operated differently in the last several decades? In fact, why hasn't the new "sensible" approach displaced the previous approach completely?
  • Research Results: What IT Project Managers Think About Financial Investment Firms Pursuing Straight-Through Processing With Agile and Workflow Management Systems
    Changes in the financial services sector have made achieving straight-through processing-a dedicated commitment to settle a securities transaction within 24 hours and minimize risk-a monumental effort. Can agile software development and workflow management systems have a positive impact on addressing straight-through processing?
  • Get Social with Your Innovation
    If your organization has lost the courage to move innovation to its center and has gotten stuck in a project-focused, reactive innovation approach, now is your chance to regain the higher ground and refocus-not on having innovation success, but on building innovation capability. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Perspective and Perceptions in Lessons Learned
    Projects succeed because of the relationships between people and the ability to create an environment where everyone involved is engaged and committed. Lessons learned sessions can be stressful experiences for those involved, but is that a reason to avoid some of the more sensitive aspects?
  • An Essential Paradigm Shift for Implementing Agile
    True business agility is achieved by transcending the project mindset, changing the culture and rethinking the work of the organization. Here are some specific ways in which the project mindset will limit the ability to leverage agile, and what it would mean to embrace an agile mindset.