IT Project Management for project managers
  • Public Private Partnership Projects in Canada: Three Decades of Rich Experience
    Nations are targeting better and more sustainable economic growth that requires high infrastructure investment. Public Private Partnership (PPP) helps bridge the budgetary gap, as well as being a method for cost-effective and quality service delivery.
  • Breaking the Wall of Project Management: Gamification & Artificial Intelligence
    The project management world today is gray. This author proposes adding a burst of color with gamification and artificial intelligence (AI), vibrant with the ideas of contextualization, personalization, digitalization and sustainability.
  • Lessons Learned: Brainstorming, It's Not What You Think It Is
    Brainstorming is a recognized idea-generating tool and it certainly has a home in project management. The more ideas you generate, the greater your chances are of coming up with good ideas. Follow these guidelines for a productive brainstorming session.
  • Project 'You' and Project 'Two'
    Looking at our opportunities for efficiencies is like considering our work as a machine and trying to lubricate it so it will go faster and run more smoothly. However, this view misses who is driving your work: you. In effect, we watch the work, but not the worker. It is you that drives the contributions you make on the project.
  • Scheduling: Walk Before You Run
    When it comes to scheduling, you cannot do advanced tasks before covering the basics. Most people want to do PERT analyses and critical path sensitivities, Monte Carlo simulations and applications of earned value techniques. Those tools can be helpful in providing guidance for better decision making, but a lot of ground must be covered first.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of DFMEA
    Failure mode and effect analysis is one of the first structured techniques of failure analysis. Here we look at general information about FMEA and a closer look at Design FMEA-with defined steps, useful questions and tips, as well as pitfalls to avoid.
  • The Evolution of a Great Idea
    What happens when you have an innovative idea, but nobody can see your vision? From doubters and skeptics to champions and supporters, welcome to the evolution of a great idea.
  • Topic Teasers Vol. 103: Managing Personal Motivation
    Question: I'm sorry, but some days I hate mornings. I come into work and have so much to do, but I just can't get myself started. My work is interesting, I have plenty to do and I like my team; it's just that some days I have absolutely no motivation. How embarrassing that I lead others, but many mornings I can't lead myself to get busy with productive work. Thoughts?
  • Using Success as a Motivator
    We all want to achieve the most success we can from our efforts in the workplace, but how do you leverage that to enable even greater achievements, regardless of the circumstances?
  • Take It Personal: Value-based Culture
    By giving focus to the personal value that individuals bring to the business, organizations show that the people are as important as their work. This value-based culture improves productivity, morale and commitment, but it doesn't get built on slogans.
  • New Standards Development Opportunity: Practice Guide for Benefits Realization Management (BRM)
    Subject matter expert members are needed to develop the Practice Guide for Benefits Realization Management (BRM). The scope of this practice guide is to: standardize the definition of benefits realization and benefits realization management, synthesize the core principles of benefits realization management, and define/establish/elaborate on the benefits realization management life cycle from organizational mission, vision and strategy through project deliverables and how they contribute to the expected benefits and value that the organization intends to realize. If interested, please apply through VRMS at by 31st December 2017.
  • 2018 CIO Success Guide
    With 2017 almost in the rear-view mirror, it's time to turn our gaze on achieving CIO success in 2018. Let's reflect on the plusses and minuses of 2017 performances in terms of what added to our success-and what led us away from it.
  • Agile What? Learn as You Go
    This article shares a real-time learning experience in agile software development methodology during project execution. The author offers insights into project challenges, lessons learned and success realized, referencing the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and agile principles.
  • Delivering Complex Data
    Clear, concise communication is key to the success of any project, but when you're trying to share and explain complex, data-rich information it becomes a greater challenge to run efficient meetings that don't confuse or frustrate participants. Here are three tips to help.
  • IT Infrastructure: Top-Down Approach
    Like their software counterparts, IT infrastructure projects are more efficient, secure and reliable when accompanied by robust processes such as parametric estimation, which offers advantages of cost and agility over traditional bottom-up approaches.