Board of Directors Organization

Board of Directors Structure


All Board members are responsible for:

  • Attending all Board meetings or designating an assigned delegate to attend in his/her absence.
  • Attending all possible chapter events as a visible member of the Board
  • Attending and contributing to all annual planning and strategy sessions
  • Collaborating with other Board members with initiatives that cross over Board responsibilities
  • Attending leadership meetings as applicable
  • Fulfilling and documenting duties and responsibilities for their Board position
  • Sponsoring committees to fulfill Board responsibilities and appointing Directors, if necessary. Ensuring that any volunteers understand the related policies and procedures.
  • Promoting PMI CVC and its initiatives and values at business and PM community events
  • Building positive and productive relations between PMI CVC and the local community
  • Developing and maintaining policies and procedures documents and other materials for the Board position on Board collaboration site.
  • Contributing and maintaining information on the PMI CVC website and newsletter
  • Preparing monthly status reports for presentation at chapter board meetings.
  • Maintaining and delivering all PMI CVC assets, permanent records, policies and procedures to the position successor as required.
  • Preparing annual budget, tracking income and expense items, and remitting fees collected, submitting expense reports and reporting progress against the budget to the VP of Finance.
  • Checking their Board e-mail on a regular basis and responding in a timely manner.

More Details about specific Board positions: